Assigned Weekly Readings

Course Introduction and Review of Class Syllabus

August 25

Topic 1: Web 2.0 and the Participatory Web

August 27th

–O’Reilly, T. 2005. What is Web 2.0. Available at

–O’Reilly, T. 2005. Web 2.0: Compact Definition. Available at

–O’Reilly, T. 2004. The Architecture of Participation. Available at

September 1st

–Boyd, D. 2008. Understanding Socio-Technical Phenomenon in a Web 2.0 Era. Available at

–Pew Internet and American Life Project. 2006. Riding the Waves of Web 2.0. Available ar

–Kelly, K.  2005. We are the Web. Available at

Topic 2: Social Media and Social Software: New Modes of Communication

September 3rd

–Chapters 1, 2, and 3 in The New Rules of Marketing and PR

September 8th

–Chapters 1, 2, and 3 in Groundswell

September 10th

–Shirky, C. 2003. A Group is its Own Worst Enemy. Available

–Institute for the Future.  2005. Technologies of Cooperation. Available at

–Boyd, D. 2006. The Significance of Social Software. Available at

Topic 3: Blogs

September 15th

–Riley, D. 2005. A Short History of Blogging. Available at

–Blood, R. 2000. Weblogs: A History and Perspective. Available at

–Horihan, M. 2002. What we are Doing When we Blog. Available at

Assignment before next class day: Create your own blog (follow handout instructions). You will be turning in your weekly assignments to your class blog this week.

September 17th
–Chapter 4, 16, and 17 in The New Rules of Marketing and PR
–Chapter 4 and 6 in Groundswell

Topic 4: News Press Releases and Blogs

September 22

–Chapter 5, 14, and 15 in The New Rules of Marketing and PR

September 24th

–Chapter 13 in The New Rules of Marketing and PR

–Shift Communications. 2006. Template for Social Media Press Release.

–Huer, C. 2006. Elements of the Social Media Press Release.

–Solis, B. 2008. The Definitive Guide to Social Media Releases.

Topic 4: Photoblogging, Podcasting and Videoblogging

September 29th

–Chapter 8 and 9 in The New Rules of Marketing and PR

–Levy, S. & Stone, B. 2006. The New Wisdom of the Web. Available at

–Bradshaw, B. 2009. What Happened When Sky News Took Images From Twitter. Available at

(Students must create accounts at photo and video storage accounts before next class day. Follow handout of instructions).

October 1st

–Chapters 6 and 7 in The New Rules of Marketing and PR

–eMarketer. 2009. Podcasting Goes Mainstream. Available at

–Hobson, N. 2005. Podcasting: Significant Growth by 2010. Available at

October 6th

–Shirky, C. 2005. Ontology is overrated. Available at

–Quintarelli, E. 2005. Folksonomies: Power to the People. Available at

–Weinberger, D. 2005. Tagging and Why it Matters. Available at

October 8th

–Stelter, B. 2009. Now on YouTube: Local News. Available at

–Sifry, M. 2008. How YouTube is Replacing the Soundbite with the Soundblast. Available at

Neilsen 2009. YouTube Maintains Top Ranking by Total Streams.

–Holsen, L. 2007. Hollywood Asks YouTube: Friend or Foe. Available at

Topic 5: Twitter (Microblogging)

October 13

Chapter 5 and 9 in Groundswell

(Students must create twitter accounts and link it into their blog by next class day. Follow list of instructions)

October 15th

–The BusyBrain. 2008. A Visual History Into Twitter. Available at

–Berlin Johnson, S. 2009. How Twitter Will Change the Way we Live. Available at,8599,1902604,00.html.

–Farhi, P. 2009. The Twitter Explosion. Available at

–HubSpot. 2009. State of the Twittersphere. Available at

October 20

–Zuckerman. E. 2009. Iran, Citizen Media, and Media Attention. Available at

-_Shafer, J. Let’s Not Get Carried Away by Twitter’s Role in Iran’s Demonstrations. Available at

–Kramer, L. 2009. Can Media Profit from Twitter’s Big Week. Available at

–PR 2.0. 2009. Is Twitter the CNN of the  New Media Generation? Available at

October 22nd

-Owens, S. 2009. How Celebrity Imposters Hurt Twitter’s Credibility. Available at

–PearAnalytics. 2009. Twitter. Available at

–McDonald, M. 2009. Putting Twitter into Perspective. Available at

–Cohen, N. 2009. Twitter on the Barricades: Six Lessons Learned. Available at

In Class Presentations

October 27th

October 29th

Topic 6: Social Sharing Sites (Aggregation)

November 3

–Chapter 7 and 8 in Groundswell

November 5th

–Van Grove, J. 2009. A Brief History of the Status Message. Available at

–Solis, B. 2009. The Battle for Your Social Status: Facebook Builds Network Around Your Activity. Available at

–Solis, B. 2009. Into the Statusphere, A.D.D Creates Opportunities for Collaboration and Education. Available at

–Boyd, S. 2008. Beyond Blogs: The Conversation Has Moved Into the Flow. Available at

Tarkatoff, J. 2009. The Inside Word: On the Web, “Streams” Are Replacing Pages. Available at

Topic 7: Social Networking Sites (Statusphere)

November 10

–Chapter 19 in The New Rules of Marketing and PR

November 12th

–Thompson, C. 2008. I’m So Totally, Digitally Close to You. Available at

–Crum, C. 2009. Facebook Attracting More of an Older Crowd. Available at

–Senior, J. 2009. The Message is the Message. Available at

–Ostrow, A. 2009. You Might Not Love the New Facebook, But Brands Should. Available at

–Hougland, C/ 2009/ New Facebook Pages: A Guide for Social Media Marketers. Available at

Topic 8: Incorporating Social Media in 21st Century Communications
November 17th

–Chapter 10 and 11 in The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Wikinomics, Chapter 1. Available at

November 19th

–Chapter 12 and 13 in The New Rules of Marketing and PR

–The Tipping Point Reading Guide. Available at

November 24

–Chapter 10 in Groundswell

December 1st

–Chapter 11 and 12 in Groundswell

December 3
–In Class Final Presentations and Course Evaluations

(Some students will be selected at random to show their projects and course evaluations will occur shortly after).


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