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The following dates/times reflect your presentation slot. Please be mindful that you must post to your class blog and print a printout to class of your reaction/critical reflection of the readings for your presentation date/time. No late assignments will be accepted.

September 8: Anthony May
September 17: Lorena Salinas
September 22: Sergio Castenada
September 24: Claire McDonnell
September 29: Claire Roberts
October 6: Nicole Schuch
October 8: Maria Hernandez
October 13: Andrea Faust
October 15: Monica Sanchez
October 20: Alexandra K Curatolo
October 22: In-Class Presentations
October 27: In-Class Presentations
October 29: In-Class Presentations
November 3: Katherine Rogers
November 5: Isabelle Karipierz
November 10: Jenny Ta
November 12: Reis M Hand
November 17: Ashley Simos
November 19: Kaci Boston
November 24: Katie Burke
December 1: Krista A Sahnas (Reassigned from October 22 slot)
December 3: Special Session and Last Class Day


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