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October 1 Links

Many of you have realized that podcasting can impact you in one of two main ways: 1. it impacts how you list to audio, and 2. it may encourage you to become an audio producer yourself.

To listen to podcasts, iTunes has made it quite simple. iTunes was a late player to the game, and other podcasting directories include: Odeo, Podfeed, Podcast Alley, and PodOmatic, to name a few places. One can also go on a site and locate it’s podcast: for tech news, I enjoy IT Conversations, and NPR.

Many of you would like to create your own podcast. For the mechanics of this process, I refer you to a prior post that I created in 2006 while teaching skills classes on social media, which provides all the information for how to go about creating a podcast. The tools discussed her remain the most effective and cheap methods for creating podcasts.

Finally, to store your audio files, you can use services like Odeo (create an account) to store your podcasts.

If you are interested in podcasting from your iPhone, try AudioBoo.


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