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September 29 Links

This session concentrates attention on the significance of photoblogging to the evolution of social media as a platform for hosting user-generated content.

The readings mention Flickr, but also of interest are sites such as Smugmug and Photobucket, which power many popular photo sharing blogs. To create accounts at these sites, simply enter the homepage and follow the step by step instructions for creating accounts.

Photos have often been used to spread Internet memes such as the Kanye West and the Yo Dawg memes. Many photo places allow amateur photographers to get exposure to their work without much monetary compensation; yet, individuals see the trade offs as beneficial to their career.

Many of you may prefer to use Twitpic, allowing your photos to be linked from your twitter account. Utilizing this service is also a good way to get your photos posted.

Regarding foundational videos, the Mentos Viral Video was mentioned as was Numa Numa. No one can detail a history of viral video without mentioning many others such as the Star Wars Kid, Cheerios and Milk, This Land is Your Land, the Howard Dean Scream, The George Allen Moment, and more recently, the kid who visits the dentist and the baby dancing to Beyonce’s All the Single Ladies.

To store video on the Web, you can create accounts at such places as Vimeo and YouTube.


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