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September 17 links

In this class session, we explore the link between blogging and marketing/advertising, and media promotion.

As many of these texts suggest, one of the keys to utilizing blogs is a. use it as a repository for media relations, and b. use blogs to pitch your message to influentials or central bloggers who can use WOM or word of mouse marketing to spread your message to their followers.

In utilizing your blog as a media relations room, it is important to understand how to blog, including the ethics surrounding blogging. Tips for how to blog successfully can be found at ProBlogger, a site which provides professional advice to first time bloggers as well as individual hoping to monetize their blogs. One of Darren Rowse’s central resources is his page for first-time bloggers, which aggregates some posts on how to blog successfully. He also provides a list for how bloggers make money from blogs, and can help explain how individuals are monetizing their blogs for profit and creative employment opportunities. Services such as blog ads serve as a marketplace for blog creators, blog readers and advertisers. Prices for adverting on top blogs can be quite competitive, as seen in the price structure for the liberal blog advertising network. It is less so for the conservative blog advertising network.

For example, the popular mommy blogger Heather Armstrong, who was dooced as a result of blogging about her employees, has decided to monetize on the negative posts written about her in a new Web site. She represents how much blogs are now able to capitalize on advertising revenue in this new market economy.

One of the biggest sources of revenue come from blog networks. Networks can range in size, from big ones like Sugar Inc., Gawker Media, to smaller ones that are more niche-focused, such as BlogHer, and GigaOm. Some bloggers get paid to post about products, seen in such new ventures like Pay Per Post. Some see such services as corrupting the very essence of blogging, specifically in those situations where there is no disclosure.


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