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September 15 Links

In the December 15 lecture, we began to look at blogs and their impact on the field of communication. As the readings suggest, blogging has had a short history, with most blogging software developed in 1999. Some of the most popular platforms are Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr. Some of you were wondering about how blogging has been evolving, and an excellent resource is David Sifty’s State of the Blogosphere report, which highlights the growth of blogging in its archive to a global phenomenon. As we mentioned in class, blogging has matured and developed to the point of mass adoption, with new microblogging forms arising such as Twitter that extend conversation into the flow (more on that subject matter later).

Blogging celebrates niche production across the long tail of media creation and distribution on the Internet. To find specific niche communities, readers and writers of bloggers turn to blog search engines such as Technorati, BlogPulse, and the Truth Laid Bear, which create top blog lists as well as search boxes to conduct keyword searches on topics arising of interest. As consumers of blog content, you are invited to go to these sites and target your search in an effort to find a blogging community that is of interest to you.


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