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Links for September 3

Below is a listing of the links we will be utilizing in class discussion.

Robert Scoble: Twitter Feed; Friendfeed Link

Engadget. Also, you can access their twitter feed.

The notion of the long tail is well explained by this Wired article as well as the the book.

Other books that talk about this new change in business rules include the aforementioned book by Chris Anderson, Naked Conversations (Amazon link) and Small is the New Big (see Amazon link). Chris Anderson’s new book, Free, also contains a promotional video that talks about the new radical rules of social, networked production.

Interesting videos that detail why people want to contribute is well captured by Clay Shirky’s Web 2.0 Expo presentation. Those of you desiring to learn more about Open Source production can check out the movie, Revolution OS, the freely available book Open Sourcesand read what is considered to be the premiere piece on motivation for open source contribution in the article by Eric Raymond titled, The Cathedral and the Bazaar.


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